Praise for

Cold Nose, Warm Heart 

". . . as engaging for its vivid setting as it is for the (potential) couple at its center. Sparks fly . . . ." 

-Entertainment Weekly

“In this delightful debut novel, Wells sets the stage for a warm-hearted series with a twosome who just can’t seem to hate each other.” 

-Kellie Tilton, Library Journal 

 “Full of humor and heart…Animal lovers will delight in the large cast of canine supporting characters in this well-paced romance.”

-Publishers Weekly

“Wells' debut is a funny and sweet romance featuring dogs, Miami, and cantankerous grandparents.”

-Mary K. Chelton, Booklist

Praise for

A Tail for Two

"The doggone fun continues in the second contemporary romance in Wells’s Fur Haven Dog Park series (after Cold Nose, Warm Heart). Construction firm owner Lance Donovan gets roped into dog-sitting his brother’s fiancée’s dog—and runs into his ex-wife, his ex-dog Beckham, and Oliver, the nearly three-year-old son he never knew he had, in a Miami dog park. Interior designer Carrie Burns knows she should have told her ex-husband about their child, but when she showed up at his apartment to let him know about her pregnancy soon after their split, she was given the brush-off by his then brand new girlfriend, scaring her off from future attempts. Lance is immediately captivated by his son and easily falls back in love with his ex, embarking on a campaign to win her back. A cast of stellar supporting characters—both canine and human—add considerable charm, and Wells successfully mines Oliver’s terrible twos for some belly laughs.

This second chance romance is sure to enchant."

-Publishers Weekly 

"Wells has created a nice sweet second-chance romance with."

- Booklist

Praise for

Paws for Love

"Wells capably mixes heart and humor as she paves a road to happily-ever-after for her endearing heroine and hero, underpinning their love story with an engaging cast, including the couples who starred in the previous installments and a litter of adorable, scene-stealing puppies. This is sure to please."

-Publishers Weekly 

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